Patricia Sharp's On Target Research and Telemarketing

What Makes Us Unique

On Target stands way out ahead of all "lead generating" firms.  We are a boutique of self-motivated and seasoned professionals who are passionate about helping you take your business to the next level of growth.  We take a consultative approach when appropriate.  Our focus is quality in service and results and our track record proves it.  We take time to learn about your priorities and communication style because we see ourselves as your voice.  We like to start each partnership with a test period of 100 hours -- a period of fine-tuning the program to optimize results. 

Our clients quickly gain confidence in our expertise.  Most of them stay with us long term, one as long as 16 years!   We are completely at ease calling on C-level executives and we love to dig out the important details from facts and figures to feel and attitudes.  Many of our clients have achieved sales goals beyond their expectations with our assistance. 

Here’s How We Work

We make initial contact, briefly introducing your organization and communicating your message.  We engage your prospect in an open-ended discussion from which we assess interest level and fit, according to your qualifying criteria.

Based on our assessment, we set the phone or personal appointment and email your marketing materials with a personalized message that reflects the conversation we had with the contact.  We emphasize next steps with the prospect whether it’s to confirm the appointment for your team or remind him or her of specific dates for follow-up by our representative.

We follow-up on the promised date, reminding your prospect of past communications, building rapport, enhancing your image and gathering more information until we turn it over to you.  With each qualified appointment we email you a “sales call sheet” which includes the history of dialog and all qualifying criteria to facilitate an effective meeting.  Each Friday you get a result summary, or

you may request a customized report and receive it within the day.

As your partner, we help you win the type of business you want instead of taking whatever business comes to you.  We help map your future and we take that responsibility very seriously.